I Love You For Free

I fear that the truth of love has been lost on my generation. Love has become more of a security blanket and less like a wild adventure. Love has become all about me and what I can get and how good someone can make me feel.

If love is to be selfless, then can we call this constant preoccupation with ourselves in the company of another “love”? It’s about whether they’ll love us back, or how vulnerable we’re willing to be without getting hurt or losing our fierce independence and pride. Isn’t love supposed to be reckless? Shouldn’t we love because we have love to give, not simply to ensure that we are loved in return? Shouldn’t love be free – no strings attached? Shouldn’t a selfless love leave room for the loved one to walk away, to choose someone else, to not reciprocate without it diminishing the affections of the lover? Isn’t that how He loves us?

Oh, for the courage to love fearlessly and find ultimate satisfaction in the act of loving alone. Oh, for the reciprocation of love to be a blessing, and not a requirement. Oh, for love to once again be selfless.


4 thoughts on “I Love You For Free

  1. Love is ageless and sure. Love is confident and hopeful. Love is fearless and unrelenting. Love is extravagant and over the top. Love is wise and calculating, however the calculation is not out of fear but out of a desire to maximize the expression. I wouldn’t say that love is reckless because reckless implies careless and I believe love cares to much not to consider consequences. I believe love is responsible. I agree whole heatedly on the selfless nature of love. The ability to love selflessly comes from the assurance that His love will sustain us. That is why He says abide in me that you might bear much fruit for without me you can do nothing.
    It is beautiful to hear a woman speak of loving courageously since women often love deeply and hurt deeply. Men though they boast of being stronger are often not as courageous and often detach to guard themselves. Hope you don’t mind the long comment. I am a helpless romantic and love the topic of love and relationships. Keep sharing your heart courageously! Peace.

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